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Join more than 700+ businesses around Los Angeles who use PureWater to hydrate their office


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Defeat The Heat with the Pure Elite:

Now it's easier tan ever to beat high temperatures with the very best in on-site multi-stage water and ice purification:

  • Hot, Cold & Ambient Water

  • Modern, streamline design

  • Integrated ice-making and water-cooling system

  • Daily Ice Production of 44lbs (20kg)/day

  • Additional Ice Storage of 8.8lbs

  • Separate Water Delivery

  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration

  • Touch Sensitive Buttons

  • Blue LED Lighting


The Highest Quality, Most Delicious Drinking Water in Los Angeles

Want to know more about PureWater? Click play on the video to find out how we have come to be known for having the most amazing water while doing our part to cut out plastics and gas-guzzling deliveries.  Bottle-less is the future, get on board!

Take The PureWater Challenge


We are so confident you will love PureWater that you'll never want to go back to your old ways! That's why we offer a "No Commitment" FREE TRIAL of our services, so you can taste for yourself why big names like the Barnes Legal Firm, the LA Zoo, UCLA, Whole Foods and so many others have all joined the PureWater family!


We want you to feel 100% confident moving forward with PureWater, and this is how we do that! CLICK THE ICON ON THE RIGHT TO BEGIN!

Maintenance man.png

Free Maintenance!


Not only do we offer FREE MAINTENANCE for all of our valued customers, but we also offer *very* affordable maintenance services to you in case you need assistance with technical water issues and you aren't able to become a valued customer.


Our professional staff will always make sure your PureWater system is running perfectly, and we have an easy online booking system to make the process completely pain-free!

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